27th November 2020

Teaching the teacher- Julie’s story with Skills Support for the Workforce

Julie’s role in Sheffield City Region had her delivering inductions to new members of staff, but she wanted to take it a step further. With the help of Skills Support for the Workforce, Julie set her sights on delivering accredited courses. Find out how she got on:

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 16th November 2020

The beginner’s guide to growing your business online – new course for businesses in Greater Manchester

Are you looking to find new ways to market your online business? We’re offering a new course that can help.

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 27th October 2020

Modernizing the workforce: How Arden Dies Ltd. upskilled their long-term staff

Arden Dies Ltd. have a large workforce of staff who have worked there a long time- they have the amazing advantage of experience and technical knowledge, but could they do with a modern upskill? Skills Support for the Workforce steps in to assist.

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 15th September 2020

Mark Presley's Upskilling Success

Mark Presley was very keen to advance his own skillset within the organisation, House of Play. His HR manager made it clear to him what qualifications were available, and where he could get them- with Skills Support for the Workforce.

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 7th September 2020

Sue Lovatt's Success - Skills Support for the Workforce

Sue Lovatt, Business Director of My Fish Company in Lancashire, reflects on the local support she recieved by Skills Support for the Workforce.

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 12th November 2019

Skills Support for the Workforce in Sheffield City Region: Claire's Story

Claire Hall, 45, from Rotherham, approached Skills Support for the Workforce after her manager encouraged her to enhance her skills with a view to progress within the her role. Read more to find out about the help she recieved.

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 25th March 2019

Skills Support set to boost skills and employment across the North

We’re pleased to announce that Skills Support has been launched across Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Sheffield City Region. Over the next two years, the Growth Company will be delivering six Skills Support contracts in conjunction with Local Enterprise Partnerships.

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