Teaching the teacher- Julie’s story with Skills Support for the Workforce

Teaching the teacher- Julie’s story with Skills Support for the Workforce

 27th November 2020

Julie’s role in Sheffield City Region had her delivering inductions to new members of staff, but she wanted to take it a step further. With the help of Skills Support for the Workforce, Julie set her sights on delivering accredited courses. Find out how she got on:

Julie was originally referred to us through one of our business advisors who discussed the learner development and career pathway with her- and she quite liked the sound of kicking up her own learning support a notch.

Time was one of Julie’s main barriers, however- as a busy working person, we made sure the courses were flexible and fit around her schedule so that she could still learn but so it also wouldn’t negatively impact her life. Also, as a visual learner, we ascertained that Julie learned best with personalised crib sheets that we made for her- which helped her to learn in a way she was comfortable with which led to faster results.

Julie’s goals were that she wanted to be able to deliver bespoke, accredited training of her own, so with us, she set about enhancing her skills and knowledge by attending a selection of training courses as part of the Level 3 Award in Education and Training. Lesson plans enhanced her knowledge and made her understand the content and organisation required to be put into a scheme of work which can then be delivered to her learners. She also learned about meeting learners needs and adapting assessment methods to create a safe and constructive learning environment. Julie found this information to be the most helpful aspect, and learning the correct terminology really assisted her in her growth.

She had many discussions with professionals around terminology adaptations and best practice within the scope of delivering training and adult education. Her confidence improved so much through this learning process that she was able to complete a great lesson plan with full understanding of the of the planning and initial assessments required to create a safe learning environment.

Since leaving the project, Julie is now delivering more training in her workplace, like she set out to do, passing on her skills and knowledge she learned as part of the course. Her role at work even changed, becoming a dual role where she will discuss training needs with employers while also delivering bespoke training to them as well.

We asked Julie about how one of her classes went since she left the course and she told us that:

“Thanks to the course, when I had a diverse group of people, I could see how to pull everyone together with different activities to create safe learning spaces and how to adapt assessment methods at different levels to meet all needs and expectations.”

Her training on the course has clearly shown Julie how to safe and productive learning space for diverse groups of people with different learning needs. We asked Julie if she’d consider more training in the future, and she told us:

“I want to progress my training with Skills Support for the Workforce, and develop more skills as part of my proposed career change. I want to become a trainer because of my experience and skills that I’ve developed, and I’d like to enhance my skills and knowledge even further.”

If like Julie, you’re interested in upskilling yourself or a team of your staff, Skills Support for the Workforce is here to help with fully-funded accredited training. To learn more and get in touch, click here.