Skills Support for the Workforce in Sheffield City Region: Max's Story

Skills Support for the Workforce in Sheffield City Region: Max's Story

 13th September 2021

Max is a Mental Health Key Worker at Target Housing based in Sheffield. He was very keen to complete as many qualifications as possible to improve his own personal development and progression opportunities within his organisation. Read on to learn more about what Max did next:

Max was made aware of the qualifications available to him by his manager. He was very knowledgeable in his current role and of the sector he works in but had wanted to gain more skills and knowledge so that he could become a stronger team leader and apply for higher level roles in the future. Due to the sector Max works in it was very busy and challenging and had meant that time to complete his qualifications in work time was very difficult. However, Max made fantastic progress straight away and had continued to do so throughout his qualifications.

Even with the COVID-19 challenges and the dramatic changes to ways of working, Max continued to submit work to a very high standard. He communicated all the way through his qualifications, asking questions when necessary and taking on board the feedback he was given ensuring that improvements were being made so his work was improving throughout his learning journey. It was clear to see that Max was extremely passionate about the company he worked for and leading others, so much so that he has recently applied for a higher-level role within his company and asked for some support with interview prep.

During the entire course, Max has learnt so much in respect of promoting equality and diversity, contributing to meetings, developing working relations and other areas covered by this course including supporting others. Max commented; “Some of the course areas were self-explanatory, but any gaps that I identified along the way I received help with. This course will support me going forward in working my way up the career ladder.”

Max continued; ‘I would like to thank my tutor Sarah for her support during this time and through the pandemic as without her support I wouldn’t have accomplished this course in the time frame due to full time work.”

Max has completed his team leading certificate, team leading diploma and lean management qualifications all to a very high standard. Max has also continued on his learning journey and enrolled on a bundle of counselling courses ranging from levels 5-7, which he feels will help him support his clients more effectively, which is where his passion lies. In addition to completing the range of courses Max has also increased his confidence where he is now putting himself forward for higher level roles within the company,

If like Max you want to improve your skillset and potentially progress within your chosen career get in touch with us. Also if you’re an employer and you’d like to give your team the opportunity to improve their skillset and increase productivity we’re here to help. Get in touch or click here to learn more about our services.