Skills Support for the Workforce in Sheffield City Region: Jim's Story

Skills Support for the Workforce in Sheffield City Region: Jim's Story

 24th June 2021

Jim was a supervisor at the Brothers Arms but has since been promoted to assistant manager since reopening. With the help of Skills Support for the Workforce, Jim was able to work towards his new promotion- read on to learn more.

Jim heard about the project when he was informed about the courses from his employer following foot marketing where our sales team approached the business by just dropping in and speaking to the person on site about training opportunities. Jim has worked in the industry for a few years and has built up a range of experiences but has no industry-specific qualifications. The pandemic has caused many issues for the business from the outset, meaning we had to move to remote learning methods during the course, for safety, flexibility, and ease of use. Jim has faced stressful periods relating to work and has had to manage his own and other staff members’ wellbeing. Jim had been keen to gain a qualification to back up the experience he has built up, but he was also interested to learn more- especially teaching and training methods, as he was moving into a more advanced managerial role.


Jim has completed the non-regulated qualification on Continual Professional Development picking up training and appraisal techniques. He has completed a Certificate and Diploma in Hospitality as well as a Level 2 in Food Safety. He has learnt a lot of knowledge and skills to pass on to other staff members, and his confidence has grown as a result. Jim has engaged well with all the course content, even with the parts that he was already fluent in. His keyworker thought that the course has helped him to show how important he is to the business and the strength of his contribution, boosting his confidence. Jim has achieved recognised qualifications and has gained a promotion, which will help him to progress in the future.


Since leaving the project, Jim has gained a promotion to manager of the business. He has also progressed on to start a Level 5 diploma in Accounting and has also completed an impressive four qualifications during lockdown, which he was extremely pleased with. Jim was very pleased that he was able to put his time in lockdown to achieve these and maintain routine with our calls, and our advisors were really impressed with his work ethic, determination, and drive.


Jim was happy that he used his furlough productively, and he felt the routine was supportive for his growth during that time. If, like Jim, you want to improve your skillset, and potentially progress within your chosen career, then get in touch with us. If you’re an employer and you’d like to give your team the opportunity to improve their skillset and increase productivity, we’re also here to help- get in touch here or click here to learn more about our services.