Skills Support for the Workforce in Sheffield City Region: Helen's Story

Skills Support for the Workforce in Sheffield City Region: Helen's Story

 12th July 2021

Helen is passionate about making a difference and raising awareness and has already been using the skills she has gained from the Award in Education and Training she achieved with Skills Support for the Workforce. Helen is very knowledgeable in her current role as a Domestic Abuse Training Officer, but wanted to gain more skills and knowledge to enhance her delivery- read on to learn how she did.

Helen was made aware of the Award in Education and Training Level 3 by her manager and was very keen to complete it to help with her progression at work. Helen had an extremely heavy workload producing and delivering webinars and face to face training and even a promotional film. However, with excellent time management skills she was able to meet all the deadlines to an exceptionally high standard.

However, due to the Covid 19 restrictions all of learning and delivery have been impacted but Helen was able to adapt well to the new ways of working. Her microteach demonstrated her newfound confidence in using technology to benefit both teaching and learning. Helen was very enthusiastic about doing well on the course that she had researched the topics and had invested in the recommended books to enhance her learning and future practice. By doing this Helen has set herself very high standards and maintained them throughout the course despite her heavy workload.

The Education and Training Award has supported Helen in her role as a training officer for The Elm Foundation. Helen wanted to complete this course to develop her skills to plan, devise and deliver the training packages we offer more effectively. The course has helped Helen tremendously in feeling better equipped to plan and devise training that really allows participants to have clear learning objectives that can be monitored and assessed and has real meaning and impact on participants. the Education and Training Course has helped to develop Helen’s ability to implement appropriate assessment to ensure that learning is taking place.

Helen has applied the knowledge she has learnt to her practice and feels that her delivery is more organized and inclusive as a result. But with having a heavy workload at the present time this will not be possible however, it is something she is certainly considering for the future. With her thirst for knowledge, eagerness to do well and positive attitude to learning, we have no doubt that she will do well in the future. If, like Helen, you want to improve your skillset, and potentially progress within your chosen career, then get in touch with us. Also, if you’re an employer and you’d like to give your team the opportunity to improve their skillset and increase productivity, we’re here to help- get in touch here or click here to learn more about our services.