Skills Support for the Workforce in Sheffield City Region: Havana’s Story

Skills Support for the Workforce in Sheffield City Region: Havana’s Story

 6th July 2021

Havana from the Brothers Arms took on courses that she tailored herself that she thought would help her at University. Read on to hear about how Havana tweaked her own courseload to suit her life the best.

Havana decided she wanted to gain the skills to make the move from Hospitality to the Care sector. With Skills Support for the Workforce, she was able to tailor the courses to her own specifications to help her get to where she wanted- read on to learn more:


Havana was introduced to the courses through her manager, who was approached by a business advisor during foot marketing, where our sales team had approached the business and spoke to the people on site about training opportunities. At that time, Havana had been working as a bartender at the Brothers Arms for approximately a year but had no industry-specific qualifications. Havana had been seeking employment in the care sector and was applying to university to do a course in childcare. However, the Covid pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the business over the past few months, with Havana being placed on furlough in her hospitality role but continuing to work through with her other job.


When engaging with us, Havana mentioned that she wanted to gain qualifications that would support her access into university and applications for employment in the future. During the project, Havana always worked to an incredibly high standard, taking on information provided and always researching it and developing it further. She took part in online classes, participated in face-to-face learning, and completed the training resources provided to her. Havana has been a conscientious learner, who used the courses to her own advantage of moving towards her goal of working in childcare and development, and for this, she should be proud of the progress she has made.


Havana built her confidence by the work she did on the courses which has helped her to demonstrate the contribution she makes to the pub and what a valuable member of staff she can be. The courses, which most staff undertook, helped to open channels of communication regarding training and development, which helped everyone to focus on what they were aiming for. Havana was very keen to learn and develop herself further by taking on qualifications in customer service, team leading and mental health.


Havana has been pleased with her accomplishments through lockdown, whilst still working another full-time role. She has undertaken the Customer Service Certificate, Team Leading Certificate, Non-Regulated Qualification In Mental Health And Food Safety Level 2. Havana now has an additional 4 qualifications to add to her CV and her university application, and she is now working towards the qualification that will enable her to access the roles she is most interested in. Not only has Havana been able to gain qualifications that will support her progress, but she has been able to use the opportunity to her advantage. While most staff in the pub chose qualifications in hospitality, Havana tailored a package that would be advantageous to her, gaining applicable qualifications and getting a progression to the course she needs next in her career.


From the project Havana has maintained a good standard of time management, committing time to her course and self-learning. She has used her progression to move onto a NCFE CACHE (Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education) qualification in Childcare and Education, which she can use to gain employment within that sector. Since leaving the project Havana has increased her hours at the pub and has started a NCFE CACHE Level 3 Award in Childcare and Education, which she is working through independently, which will enable her to gain employment in a childcare setting and prepare her for university next year.


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