Skills Support for the Workforce in Sheffield City Region: Alicia's Story

Skills Support for the Workforce in Sheffield City Region: Alicia's Story

 26th May 2021

Alicia is a Mental Health Key Worker at Target Housing, based in Sheffield. She was very keen to complete as many qualifications as possible to improve her own personal development and progression within her organisation. Read on to learn more about what Alicia did next.

Alicia was very knowledgeable in her current role and of the sector she worked in but wanted to gain more skills and knowledge so that she could become a team leader in the future. She was made aware of the qualifications available to her by her manager and was very keen to complete as many as possible, to help with her progression at work.

From the start, Alicia has made fantastic progress and has continued to do so throughout her qualifications. Due to the sector Alicia had been working in, it had been very busy and challenging and had meant that time to complete her qualifications during work time was very difficult. However, with the challenges that the pandemic gave, it had meant that the ways of working had to be changed drastically. Despite this, Alicia has continued to submit work to a very high standard. During her time taking the qualification, Alicia had been keen to ask questions and learn as much as she can about the subjects she was completing, and she was keen to gain feedback to help her improve where necessary.

Alicia has always had ambitions to progress to a team leader role, and since completing the qualification she feels more confident in applying for a team leader position. Alicia’s keyworker said: “having observed Alicia carrying out her role, it is clear to see that she is passionate about her work and managing her own team going forward.” This qualification has played a big part in reassuring Alicia that she can become a great team leader.

Since the completion of the qualification, Alicia has felt much more confident within her role, to help both clients and colleagues. She mentions that the skills she has learnt in the course have enabled her to tackle issues with minimal stress for herself and others around her. Alicia also mentions that she feels she is “in a better position to support colleagues with any worries and queries they have, as I can communicate more effectively and have improved my time management skills.”

Alicia is committed to her role and to becoming as confident and efficient as possible in her role as she has completed Team Leading Certificate, Team Leading Diploma and Lean Management qualifications. All to a very high standard. As team leading roles become available within her organization, I am sure that Alicia will now feel confident in applying for these. Alicia next steps is to continue her learning journey with a level 5 Substance Misuse qualification, which she feels will provide her with additional skills and knowledge to support her service-users more effectively.

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