Skills Support for the Workforce in Greater Manchester: Michelle's Story

Skills Support for the Workforce in Greater Manchester: Michelle's Story

 28th June 2021

We'd like to off congratulations to Michelle Jones for achieving her level 3 award in Education and Training with Skills Support for the Workforce: Greater Manchester. Read on to find out how she put this degree to good work for Stockdales, the charity she works for:

In her role at Stockdale’s, working for a charity that helps people with learning disabilities, Michelle is a training manager and as a result, needed qualifications that Skills Support for the Workforce were happy to provide. This allowed her to become a more effective trainer.

Michelle works for Stockdales: a charity that helps people with learning disabilities overcome their problems or issues that we take for granted. Be it providing the security of round the clock care, helping them with their learning and social time, or helping them live independently or with their families. They also provide a range of services like residential/community services, or home care support. Stockdales also provides clubs and dream days where they help those with disabilities achieve their dream day.

The company has had many of its workers achieve a vast array of qualifications with Skills Support for the Workforce. Michelle quickly applied to the Level 3 qualification for Education and Training. This course is designed to give learners the knowledge and confidence to teach in the post-16 education sector, looking at the role and responsibilities of an educator, the ability to plan their own sessions and other generic teaching skills that are important to become an effective teacher/trainer.

After meeting with Jason, one of the Skills Support for the Workforce assessors, Michelle gained an understanding of the courses and worked through them even during the Covid Pandemic. Michelle had only just started her job and enrolled when the pandemic first began. She has said that the Growth Company had helped her during the pandemic by extending her deadline, and unlike the other services that Michelle had worked with, they: “Didn’t keep in touch, but the Growth Company did” which allowed her to complete her training, while feeling supported and encouraged.

Upon speaking of her experience with the Skills Support for the Workforce team, Michelle would like to thank her assessor, Jason, saying, “Jason has been a great assessor and mentor for me. He has allowed me time to adjust but has gently given me a nudge when I have needed one. He has brought out the strengths in my skills and knowledge, as well as challenging me to think outside the box.”

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