Skills Support for the Workforce in Greater Manchester: Cindy's Story

Skills Support for the Workforce in Greater Manchester: Cindy's Story

 20th July 2021

Cindy Cragg, Deputy Manager for Stepping Stones Services, has had a wonderful experience with the Skills Support for the Workforce team in Greater Manchester. The team would like to congratulate Cindy for achieving her Award in Education and Training, and they are proud to have helped her and team support and improve Stepping Stone Services.

Stepping Stone Services provides care for the community, such as visiting the homes of the elderly to make sure that they are all they are being cared for. They also provide specialist support for those with sensory impairments and helping people develop their individual skills while also teaching them new ones. Stepping Stones Services also aims to provide high-quality care in a homely and friendly atmosphere for those they help, while respecting their guest’s individuality.

Their hard work and dedication have allowed them to help many people and with the Skills Support for the Workforce’s assistance, they will be able to help even more people as they continue to grow.

After meeting with Tally, one of the Skills Support for the Workforce advisors, Cindy gained an understanding of the courses and discussed the best course of action to take in developing her work force.

After only 14 months of learning with the support of the team, the hard-working Stepping Stone Services staff have completed Level 2 Social Care. This has reportedly led to a higher standard of care and support to their service users. These qualifications are designed for people working in both the adult care and healthcare workforce in England. These are industry-recognised qualifications, assessing both knowledge and competence that is transferable across the health and care sectors.

We had asked Cindy about the training and how it has helped both her personal growth and the growth within Stepping Stone Services.

Cindy has said: “It has helped me to train the trainer for positive behaviour support, and it has also allowed my company to induct staff into employment with Stepping Stones Services”.

If like Cindy, you would like to invest in your workforce, get in touch with us. With our fully funded support and dedicated team of advisors, we can help increase your team’s skillset: click here to learn more.