Skills Support for Employment- Mohammed’s Story

Skills Support for Employment- Mohammed’s Story

 7th February 2022

Mohammed had been out of work for 2 years before he was referred to Skills Support for Employment. After some training and some confidence-boosting, he was ready for work again! Read on to learn more about the excellent achievement he’s made:

After being out of work for 2 years, we spoke with Mohammed about his previous experience and the kind of role he thought he’d be well suited for. He mentioned that the roles he’d worked in previously included having him build on his customer service skills and that he’d like to go for a role within the NHS Track and Trace team. He admitted that he lacked skills and experience within call centres- and he also mentioned that he wanted support with CV writing and interview skills, which is where we came in.

After completing his Initial Diagnostic Assessment, which let us see which areas he wanted to improve in, Mohammed requested to be referred onto the 5 contact centre clauses that would give him the skills he needed for his desired role. He understood that these courses would also give him valuable transferable skills within contact centres and customer service that could also put him in good stead to apply for a range of other jobs, too. Mohammed gave these courses a lot of attention and soon completed them to a good standard.

When it came time to look at his CV, Mohammed requested that we help him write it, and upon looking at his CV, it became clear that Mohammed was being too modest, and wasn’t highlighting his previous experience and skillsets in a way that showcased him for the talented individual that he is. We worked with him on his CV, and focused on these areas, making sure that all of his prior roles were mentioned in full. To prepare him for his upcoming job interviews, we went through interview questions with him, to help build his confidence.

All of his hard work paid off when he was successful in his interview with Track and Trace and was offered a job soon after- Mohammed was happy with the offer and accepted the role. Mohammed was pleased with the outcome, and wrote about his experience:

“My motivation for joining the programme was to help the public. One of the main reasons why I wanted to join this campaign is getting the sense of satisfaction and knowing that you are helping other people. It has also taught me that the smallest thing can make the biggest difference to people.”

“I hoped to gain experience in the contact centre as well as achieve the qualifications that I have done. The biggest benefit of the training is that everyone is so friendly, and the trainers are so helpful which is really good. The support they give me is what keeps me going as they know they can make me the best possible person I can be. I have achieved more than just a qualification, I have gained a family. I would consider further training to better myself and become the best possible version of myself that I can be”.

We’re all so proud of Mohammed’s progress, and his increase in confidence is wonderful to see. If you, like Mohammed, are looking for work and think you could use a helping hand, we’re available to assist. Contact us for further details: