Skills Support for Employment in Sheffield City Region: Negib's Story

Skills Support for Employment in Sheffield City Region: Negib's Story

 9th June 2021

Negib was made redundant after a 30 year career in engineering. He always had a desire to work on the rail but when he looked into it, the costs of training were vastly prohibitive. With Skills Support for Employment Sheffield City Region, however, he managed to turn this around.

He saw advertising for the Rail Engineering training on Facebook and knew immediately that this was an opportunity he had to take. He was able to draw on all his life and professional experience to excel. During his training, Negib learnt how to comply with rail regulations, how to profile ballast to maintain the stability of sleepers and how to use machinery such as the ballast tamper, rail saw and Cembre. He also completed his PTS training and Rail Track Induction.

Since finishing the course, Negib has worked shifts as a rail operative for a supply agency. Most recently, he was on a job in Liverpool working on scaffolding for a project and de-vegetation of natural obstacles.

The keyworker assigned to work with Negib was very impressed with him, saying: “He never fails to give 100% and has exceeded his original goals. The thing he enjoyed most about his training was the opportunity to learn a completely new trade to a high standard and work in a team. The cohort he trained with formed a great team and really exemplifies the need for effective teamwork in the rail industry.

“However, his confidence, professional experience and ability to work well with everyone meant that YFL Training were unwilling to let him go completely! He has been instrumental in setting up our new training site in Sheffield. He is now working as an assistant trainer and is enjoying passing on his experience to new learners. The whole experience has opened up new opportunities to Negib that were not even on his radar before. He is now keen to train as an assessor and looking forward to a new career both on the rail and training up the next generation of workers.”

Negib says that the training he was given was essential in changing his outlook on life. “I felt left on the scrapheap. Now I’ve got goals and somewhere to go.”

Negib completed his Rail Engineering training with YFL Training and now works as a rail operative doing shifts on the network and as a training assistant for YFL Training. If, like Negib, you’d like some support to get you into your chosen field, then get in touch with us- we can help.