Martin's Story with Skills Support for Employment in Sheffield City Region

Martin's Story with Skills Support for Employment in Sheffield City Region

 13th May 2021

Martin wanted to get into security work but had no experience or qualifications in that industry. Read on to find out how he was supported back into work with Skills Support for Employment in Sheffield City Region.

Martin originally heard about the project through an advertisement on Facebook regarding a free Security Industry Association course running in Sheffield. He promptly applied, and we called him back and arranged to go through the pre-qualifying questions. Martin’s main barrier to work at this point was that he did not yet have his security badge, which would open doors towards getting him his desired work.

His goal while working with us was to achieve this badge as quickly as possible so that he could then move into full time employment. Martin took this motivated attitude into his pre-employment training with Momentum training, completing qualifications such as Team Leading, Substance Misuse and Equality and Diversity. Martin was able to demonstrate his confidence levels within the group sessions, ran remotely on Zoom, where it was said that he asked many thoughtful questions and discussed best practice with the other participants.

As a result of Martin’s excellent work, he’s since achieved his goal of working full time in security with massive supermarket chain Co-Op hiring him. He’s also exceeded his original goal by smashing through all the training he wanted to undertake, and additional courses too, gaining qualifications to a nationally recognised standard.

If, like Martin, you’re looking for work in an industry where you don’t have any prior experience, get in touch with us, and we can help.