Mahad's Success with Skills Support for the Workforce

Mahad's Success with Skills Support for the Workforce

 1st March 2021

Mahad had been working at Clipper in a team leader role, and was keen to gain a qualification to improve his skills and knowledge, so that he could carry out his role to the best of his ability. Read on to see how he succeeded even when he thought he might not be able to complete the challenge.

He was made aware of the qualifications available to him via his training manager. Mahad felt motivated and was ready to complete as many qualifications as possible to help with his personal development, confidence and progression within his organisation.

When Mahad first started his qualification, he soon became overwhelmed with the workload and the study requirements, which unfortunately coincided with some personal issues he was also dealing with. He began to fall behind in his studies, which affected his confidence. He was ready to call it quits.

Seeing his potential, the Skills Support for the Workforce training managers encouraged him to keep at it, and Mahad decided to stay on programme, showing even more dedication and commitment. He soon caught up with his workload, impressing everyone, and his confidence grew considerably. Then, in March 2020, the Covid-19 outbreak affected the work being carried out at Clipper, making him busier than ever. This didn’t stop Mahad, however- he persevered and became the first person at Clipper to complete not only his team leading qualification, but also his business improvement technique qualification, too, to a very high standard.

His hard work inspired others at Clipper to also complete their own qualifications, as Mahad’s success will allow him to secure higher-level roles at work and enable him to complete projects at Clipper to help the organisation run more smoothly.

We asked Mahad about his plans following this success, and he told us: “I am keen to continue my studies and would like to progress onwards and complete a higher-level qualification. I’ve gained so much confidence through completing the qualifications, which naturally helps with my overall mental health.”

Mahad’s training manager, Sarah Brookes, was filled with praise for him, too: “Mahad has completed his team leading diploma and his business improvement techniques certificate to a very high standard. He has taken on board feedback I have provided and made improvements when needed. He has clearly put a lot of time and effort into completing his qualifications and has gained confidence in his writing skills and in the presentation of his work. It is clear to see that Mahad’s confidence has grown and he is more relaxed in his role as a team leader!”

We’re all very proud of Mahad’s excellent progress. If you think your business could use some fully funded training courses, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us here, and let us know how we can help your team to achieve more.