Kayleigh’s Story: A driven young professional looks to take that extra step forward in her career

Kayleigh’s Story: A driven young professional looks to take that extra step forward in her career

 19th April 2021

Kayleigh wanted to push herself and gain multiple qualifications to take her work to the next level, but then the pandemic began. What happened next?

Kayleigh was very keen to complete as many qualifications as possible to improve her own personal development and progression within her organisation, IDAS- who are a specialist charity in Yorkshire supporting people affected by domestic abuse and sexual violence. She’d been working there for a while, following a voluntary role, and she was ready to gain a qualification to improve her skills and knowledge, so that she could carry out her role to the best of her ability. She was made aware of the qualifications available to her via her own manager, who was in contact with us.

She started off doing very well with her qualification, despite being very busy in her role at work and parenting her young son at home. Kayleigh had a lot to juggle, then the pandemic began, and lockdown set in. Kayleigh, like lots of hardworking parents across the country, was now working from home whilst also home-schooling her son. Due to her sector at work, there was an increase in calls, and her workload was busier than ever.

Despite all these challenges, Kayleigh has kept up her commitment to the qualification- her keyworker said:

“Despite barriers to her learning, Kayleigh has kept in contact with me and made some progress. She is still keen to continue and really wants to complete her qualifications and continue with more learning going forward. Kayleigh’s confidence in the way she carries out her role has improved considerably! Kayleigh has an excellent attitude to her work and her qualification, not once during this difficult period has Kayleigh failed to keep in contact and respond to messages. I’m sure Kayleigh’s positivity keeps the team motivated too.”

We’re all so proud of the hard work Kayleigh has put into her qualification and her commitment to continuous development will ensure she will provides the best possible service to the service-users and the team she supports. The qualifications she’s undertaking will also help her to secure higher-level roles at IDAS and enable her to work as efficiently as possible, and we’re all cheering her on.

Kayleigh commented: “The support and patience received from my tutor has been amazing through a very hard time in all our lives. It has been hard work but I'm glad I have done it, and this will be a great addition to my qualifications. Thank you, Sarah, for being such great support and so helpful and patient.”

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