How Paul trained up half of his workforce with Skills Support for the Workforce in Greater Manchester

How Paul trained up half of his workforce with Skills Support for the Workforce in Greater Manchester

 14th May 2021

Paul Greenhalgh, Operations Manager at JCW Acoustic Supplies, had a great experience with Skills Support for the Workforce. JCW Acoustic Supplies is one of the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of soundproofing and sound absorption products - a one stop-shop for sound solutions. Paul wondered how he could get his staff access to some upskilling... and Skills Support for the Workforce were there to help.

After meeting with Ian, one of the Skills Support for the Workforce advisors, Paul gained an understanding of the courses and discussed the best course of action to take in developing his work force.

With 22 employees, Paul looked into upskilling his warehouse operatives, with formal qualifications in Warehousing and Storage, Performing Manufacturing Operations and Team Leading. He also considered Mental Health Awareness training to give his managers further understanding in recognising supporting workers with mental health issues. In addition Paul investigated Health and Safety Training, to re-affirm existing health and safety standards and practices, and to help his staff look at day-to-day activities from a different point of view and possibly implement improved procedures

So far 11 members of staff have benefitted from the variety of training available, half of the employer base at JCW Acoustic Supplies, and Paul found that staff morale has improved due to the warehouse operatives becoming more engaged with their roles.

We asked Paul about the training and how it has met the needs of the business:

“The programme met the needs of our business as it was able to be conducted without causing too much disruption to production. All the course administrators were very flexible, and more than willing to work around busy periods. Going forward, I think we would look into doing more courses with the Growth Company, to improve our staff’s skillset.”

If like Paul, you’d like to invest in your workforce, get in touch with us- with our fully-funded support, we can help increase your team’s skillset: click here to learn more.