Elan's Experiences with Skills Support for the Workforce

Elan's Experiences with Skills Support for the Workforce

 5th May 2021

Skills Support for the Workforce worked with Elan Kandaswamy, Managing Director at Excellent Manager Ltd, a company dedicated to facilitating International Business Development Partnership Services between the UK and overseas companies. They are typically engaged in individual capability building in areas such as corporate training, coaching, higher education and more.

On working with Skills Support for the Workforce team, Elan commented;

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the Level 3 AET course from registration to completion. Sam has been tremendously helpful in the initial registration process.

Jason was a great support throughout my learning process. He promptly provided formative assessment feedbacks on the tasks completed, which helped me to make progress to complete the course sooner than I had even planned. Also, he didn't waste time to organise for my micro-teaching session by inviting his colleagues to join over MS Teams. 

Thanks to Angie, Karen, Lynne and John for their peer observation and feedback. I have taken all this constructive feedback on board and will consider applying in teaching and learning approaches in the future.

They’re a great bunch, a truly customer-friendly team. Considering their brilliant support, I would not hesitate at all to recommend them to anyone!”

Elan is the MD of Excellent Manager and has completed his Level 3 Award in Education and Training in a very quick time and has now moved on to Level 2 Lean Management Technique.

If like Elan, you want to improve upon your skillset with the help of a friendly and personable team, get in touch, we’re here to help you.