9th June 2021

Skills Support for Employment in Sheffield City Region: Negib's Story

Negib was made redundant after a 30 year career in engineering. He always had a desire to work on the rail but when he looked into it, the costs of training were vastly prohibitive. With Skills Support for Employment Sheffield City Region, however, he managed to turn this around.

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 3rd June 2021

Skills Support for the Workforce in Sheffield City Region: Blake's Story

By undertaking his course with us, Blake has identified areas in his organisation that could be improved. Read on to learn more about how Blake undertook support from Skills Support for the Workforce in Sheffield City Region.

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 26th May 2021

Skills Support for the Workforce in Sheffield City Region: Alicia's Story

Alicia is a Mental Health Key Worker at Target Housing, based in Sheffield. She was very keen to complete as many qualifications as possible to improve her own personal development and progression within her organisation. Read on to learn more about what Alicia did next.

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 14th May 2021

How Paul trained up half of his workforce with Skills Support for the Workforce in Greater Manchester

Paul Greenhalgh, Operations Manager at JCW Acoustic Supplies, had a great experience with Skills Support for the Workforce. JCW Acoustic Supplies is one of the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of soundproofing and sound absorption products - a one stop-shop for sound solutions. Paul wondered how he could get his staff access to some upskilling... and Skills Support for the Workforce were there to help.

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 13th May 2021

Martin's Story with Skills Support for Employment in Sheffield City Region

Martin wanted to get into security work but had no experience or qualifications in that industry. Read on to find out how he was supported back into work with Skills Support for Employment in Sheffield City Region.

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 10th May 2021

Amanda’s Experience with Skills Support for Employment in Greater Manchester

Amanda had been unemployed for 8 years and was supported into learning new skills and work experience by Skills Support for Employment. She explains to us, in her own words, what her experience with us was like.

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 5th May 2021

Elan's Experiences with Skills Support for the Workforce

Skills Support for the Workforce worked with Elan Kandaswamy, Managing Director at Excellent Manager Ltd, a company dedicated to facilitating International Business Development Partnership Services between the UK and overseas companies. They are typically engaged in individual capability building in areas such as corporate training, coaching, higher education and more.

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 26th April 2021

Dean changes careers with Skills Support for Employment: Greater Manchester

Dean set his sights on working in the construction industry, after being made redundant. Take a look and read how he did it with the support of Skills Support for Employment.

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 21st April 2021

Lindsey’s story: From stay at home parent to teaching assistant with Skills Support for Employment

Lindsey was a stay-at-home single parent for a while, who had limited qualifications in the field of teaching, and no up-to-date CV. She wasn’t sure where to start, as all the courses she saw online were at times that didn’t work for her and didn’t fit around her childcare needs. Read on to hear Lindsey’s story in her own words:

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 19th April 2021

Kayleigh’s Story: A driven young professional looks to take that extra step forward in her career

Kayleigh wanted to push herself and gain multiple qualifications to take her work to the next level, but then the pandemic began. What happened next?

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 5th March 2021

Skills Support for Employment: Rebecca helps Dario to find work in the pandemic

In light of the upcoming International Women’s Day (March 8th), we’d like to turn the spotlight onto one of our employment coaches, Rebecca Pollitt, who has received much praise for her excellent work and support she provides to our clients, particularly throughout the pandemic.

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 1st March 2021

Mahad's Success with Skills Support for the Workforce

Mahad had been working at Clipper in a team leader role, and was keen to gain a qualification to improve his skills and knowledge, so that he could carry out his role to the best of his ability. Read on to see how he succeeded even when he thought he might not be able to complete the challenge.

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 23rd February 2021

Success for Dunsters Farm with Skills Support for the Workforce

Dunsters Farm is a family-run food service, supplying food and drink products to many businesses across the North of England for over 50 years. We had the opportunity of working with them recently, when we assisted 4 of their staff members in growing a new skillset. We checked in with Ben, to see what he thought of the process.

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 22nd February 2021

Good News for Arden Dies

Recently, we proudly assisted Arden Dies, based in Stockport, in the upskilling of two learners, who worked hard and achieved their NVQs and are now working towards a diploma- Sarah Poynter, Operations Manager at Arden Dies, was happy with their rapid progress and wanted to share a few words with us.

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 16th December 2020

Improve your business, ready for the new year

We're offering a fully funded, comprehensive level 2 certificate in business improvement techniques, available across Greater Manchester, Lancashire, and Sheffield City Region for you and your staff. 

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 27th November 2020

Teaching the teacher- Julie’s story with Skills Support for the Workforce

Julie’s role in Sheffield City Region had her delivering inductions to new members of staff, but she wanted to take it a step further. With the help of Skills Support for the Workforce, Julie set her sights on delivering accredited courses. Find out how she got on:

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 16th November 2020

The beginner’s guide to growing your business online – new course for businesses in Greater Manchester

Are you looking to find new ways to market your online business? We’re offering a new course that can help.

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 27th October 2020

Modernizing the workforce: How Arden Dies Ltd. upskilled their long-term staff

Arden Dies Ltd. have a large workforce of staff who have worked there a long time- they have the amazing advantage of experience and technical knowledge, but could they do with a modern upskill? Skills Support for the Workforce steps in to assist.

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 15th September 2020

Mark Presley's Upskilling Success

Mark Presley was very keen to advance his own skillset within the organisation, House of Play. His HR manager made it clear to him what qualifications were available, and where he could get them- with Skills Support for the Workforce.

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 7th September 2020

Sue Lovatt's Success - Skills Support for the Workforce

Sue Lovatt, Business Director of My Fish Company in Lancashire, reflects on the local support she recieved by Skills Support for the Workforce.

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 12th November 2019

Skills Support for the Workforce in Sheffield City Region: Claire's Story

Claire Hall, 45, from Rotherham, approached Skills Support for the Workforce after her manager encouraged her to enhance her skills with a view to progress within the her role. Read more to find out about the help she recieved.

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 25th March 2019

Skills Support set to boost skills and employment across the North

We’re pleased to announce that Skills Support has been launched across Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Sheffield City Region. Over the next two years, the Growth Company will be delivering six Skills Support contracts in conjunction with Local Enterprise Partnerships.

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